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BOTANAS (APPETIZERS) GUACAMOLE   Avocados, tomato, onion, cilantro, lime, Serrano peppers and homemade corn chips $9 NACHOS   Homemade corn chips topped with melted cheese, refried beans, onions, tomato, coriander Mexican style cream, and your choice of salsa $9 CHICKEN TOSTADAS (3) Crispy Corn Tortilla topped with veggie beans, lettuce, onion, tinga, cheese and sour cream $10 CEVICHE Fish, lime, mango, coriander, tomato, onions and avocado $9 CEVICHE FOR TWO $16 FLAUTAS Crispy corn tortillas rolled like a flute, filled with chicken or beef barbacoa topped with cheese, Mexican style cream, lettuce, onions, tomato and avocado salsa (qty 3) $12 QUESADILLA Flour corn tortilla filled with cheese and your choice of chicken, pastor/gringa, chorizo or steak $10 CHICKEN TAMAL Corn dough filled with chicken and green salsa, wrapped up with banana leaf $6 SOUPS BLACK BEAN SOUP (veggie) Topped with onions, cilantro, cheese and Mexican style cream (optional) $5 TORTILLA SOUP Chicken soup, topped with tortilla chips, cheese, avocado, shredded chicken breast and cream $6 POZOLE Hominy soup topped with shredded pork or chicken, lettuce, onions, oregano and radish slices $9 SALADS MEXICAN Lettuce, tomate, red beans, avocado, fresh cheese, crispy corn chips, and house dressing $9 HOUSE Mixed lettuce, strawberry, mango, apple and house dressing $9                                                                                        MEXICAN FAVORITES ENCHILADAS Three rolled corn tortillas filled with chicken and bathed in salsa (green, red or mole) garnished with onions, fresh cheese and Mexican style cream.  Served with rice and beans  $16 FAJITAS Strips of chicken breast or steak with onion, and bell peppers, served with guacamole, sour cream,cheese and flour tortillas  $16 FAJITAS PARA DOS (FAJITAS FOR TWO) $24 CARNE A LA TAMPIQUENA Special cut of strip loin (8 oz) served with guacamole, enchilada de mole (or your preference of green or red), veggie refried black beans, corn tortillas, and corn chips $19 MOLE  POBLANO (Green or Traditional Chocolat Sauce) Tender Chicken Breast simmered in a traditional sauce served with rice beans & corn tortillas $18                                                                              PARRILLADA PARA DOS Strip loin steak, chorizo, pork and marinated chicken breast sizzling from the barbecue, served with potatoes, salad and corn tortillas $30 CHILE RELLENO Poblano pepper filled with panela cheese battered with eggs, bathed in tomato salsa, served with rice, veggie refried black beans  and corn tortillas $17 FROM THE STREETS OF MEXICO All orders of tacos consist of 3 tacos accompanied with pico de gallo and avocado salsa TACOS DE STEAK A LA PARRILLA  (Angus rib eye or strip loin steak straight from the barbeque) $14 TACOS DE POLLO A LA PARRILLA (marinated chicken breast straight from the barbeque) $13 TACOS AL PASTOR (marinated pork in CHACHO’S adobo, orange and pineapple) $12 TACOS DE TINGA (chicken breast in chipotle salsa) $12 TACOS DE CHORIZO CON PAPAS (CHACHO’S made Mexican sausage with potatoes) $12 TACOS DE CARNITAS (roasted pork leg) $12 TACOS DE COCHINITA (marinated pork with axiote, bitter orange and vinegar) $12 TACOS DE PESCADO (fish battered in our special sauce) $13 TACOS DE CAMARON (shrimp in chipotle salsa) $14 FROM THE NORTH OF MEXICO BURRITO DE STEAK A LA PARRILLA  (onions, veggies, refried black beans, mushrooms, cheese and cream) $15 BURRITO DE TINGA  (chicken breast in chipotle salsa, refried black beans, lettuce, cream and panela cheese) ` $13 CHACHO’S BURRITO (cochinita pibil, chorizo, hot red onions, veggies, refried black beans, Mex type cream) $14 BURRITO VEGETARIANO  (roasted poblano pepper, tofu, potatoes, nopales, avocado and lettuce) $13 BURRITO FISH (fish, avocado, kidney beans, lettuce, cabbage, cilantro, onions, tomatoes) $15 BURRITO SHRIMP (shirmp, avocado, kidney beans, lettuce, cilantro, onions, tomatoes) $15 SWEET PLEASURES TRADITIONAL FLAN (Mexican custard flan) $6 RICE PUDDING $5 COMO AGUA PARA CHOCOLATE (traditional hot chocolate drink) $4 CHURROS ESTILO COYOACAN (popular and traditional neighborhood in Mexico city) $7
234 Merton St. Toronto, Ont.  M4S 1A1

Chacho’s Mexican Restaurant  416 932-2434

Chacho’s Mexican Restaurant is located at 234  Merton St. Toronto Ontario. M4S-1A1 2 Blocks below Davisville and Yonge Street Hours of operation: Every Day of the Week Lunch Hours:  11.30 am - 15.30 pm Dinner Hours: 15.30 pm - 10 pm
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